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Letter: Solar facility would be an eyesore

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Although solar power is clean, quiet, renewable, doesn’t pollute and doesn’t smell—some believe it drains all the energy from the Sun! Strata Solar is proposing an “industrial size” solar project on pristine farmland here in Gloucester with possible adverse effects.

A proposal by Strata Solar for a similar large-scale “industrial power plant in a rural area” caused a North Carolina town council to reject it. The town approved a major moratorium on solar power development projects—because the taxpayers believed that “solar panels cause cancer and drain the sun’s energy, which would leave their town dark and devoid of plant life.”

Of course this is not true—and in the case about cancer, I hope not! However, their planners and ours should have rejected this project for many other reasons: 

—It will be an eyesore which is completely visible from a main road in the county, current...

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