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Letter: Shining a light on the problem of littering

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I’d like to thank all of the county citizens who, as individuals or groups, work to keep our roads and waterfront free of litter. I appreciate knowing that I am not alone, as I do my bit to sweep up behind those county citizens who have no pride of ownership and thus think it is okay to toss trash out the window or boat or zip to the dump with debris blowing out of the back of their truck.

The common theme that I hear from those who keep picking up behind others is frustration—but changing the poor habits of littering adults is a daunting task, so I encourage each of you to keep cleaning up Gloucester County because you care about it. It matters to a larger number of us than you might know.

Despite our collective efforts to date, litter from motorists remains a pervasive problem in this county, with roadsides strewn with packaging from fast food, snacks and tobacco, beverage cans and bottles, plastic bags, and larger items from uncovered loa...

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