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Letter: She believes the president exhibits racist views

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Yes, Mr. Boudreaux (“Is Trump racist?” Aug. 23 Readers Write), unfortunately Trump is a racist, and may not believe it himself. He, like many of his supporters, often makes negative statements that generalize and separate issues by race or nationality, thus inherently exhibiting racism.

I seriously doubt that he had any friends from a black community that were below his socio-economic status, or any friends at all, which may explain his views. I am a “stay-here” who came from New York in 1977. I was surprised and appalled that desegregation had just occurred in Virginia just 10 years before!

Having been brought up in an area in Queens, N.Y. (like Trump), my great-grandparents arrived on Ellis Island in the late 1800s. Working class neighborhoods were separated by nationality: Germans, Irish, Polish, Italians, Africans, to name a few. Once people started working together, doing business together, going to church together, intermarrying...

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