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Letter: Sharing God’s blessings with those in need

Editor, Gazette-Journal:


When I was young, eighteen was fun,

I moved out on the street. I had no cares, not a single one.


I was blessed with summer’s heat.


To tell the truth, I had shed roof, but that was all I had.


The smile upon my dirty face was proof I was glad.


But now that I am getting old, I just can’t take the bitter cold.


My hands will hurt, can’t wear enough shirts. I freeze down to my soul.

But God has blessed me with a home, a warm, dry, sturdy dome;

A place to shut out wind and rain, to hide from cold that causes pain.


Has God blessed you the same as me or is your home a leafless tree?


As you’ve been given so should you give,

For others have no place to live.


God is good, God is great,

May you be the same and do not wait.


For one day you may end up poor,

And wind up knocking on someone’s door.


Your door bell ri...

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