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Letter: Shame

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In case you missed the 3 p.m. special meeting held on the Tuesday, Nov. 22, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, let me share that the Mathews Board of Supervisors managed to circumvent the normal process to subdivide property the citizens of Mathews must follow. Instead, four of the five supervisors voted to waive the rules of the ordinance to subdivide the 21’ x 22’ plot of land on the historic property located under the controversial statue. They did this in less than 5 minutes.

They appeared quite proud of this feat as the approximately 10 citizens at the meeting sat in shocked silence. They were not given the regular opportunity to share their thoughts during the usual comment period before the start of the meeting. Instead, they were allowed to comment after four of the five supervisors voted in a roll call vote to subdivide this plot and thus clear the way to transfer ownership of the land /statue to what appears to be a proxy organization, The War Me...

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