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Letter: Senators must vote for health care bill’s repeal

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The House, on a 245-189 party-line vote, passed repeal of Obamacare. Sen. Harry Reid, who recently lambasted Republicans for use of the filibuster as an unblemished evil, now wants to use the filibuster to block a Senate vote, thus becoming the new Chief Senate Hypocrite.

Senators must vote for repeal because:

—Almost no Congress members have read the bill, don’t know its contents, and haven’t investigated likely unintended consequences of so many unread provisions;

—Obamacare adds 16,000 more IRS agents;

—Adds millions more patients;

—Adds not one more doctor, meaning increased doctor workloads;

—Diminished and delayed individual health care;

—Reduces doctor compensations, likely causing more doctors to quit doctoring;

—Unconstitutionally mandates buying insurance or being fined, and increases taxes on already overburdened taxpayers.

Tell your senators—repeal Obamacare.


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