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Letter: Sea level rise concern overblown

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In the past several weeks, numerous letters have appeared in the Gazette-Journal that involve global warming and climate change, both pro and con. Those advocating climate change as being a manmade phenomenon appear to be entirely dismissive to any argument to the contrary and cite any number of supposedly scientific facts to buttress their arguments.

However, it cannot be denied that the environmentalists and much of the media have made many of these specious arguments to coerce society into adopting behavioral change while also eliciting the attention of politicians to their perception of a climate threat.

Such efforts and language as has been used is counterproductive in assessing the many real threats that confront society. In this day and era, much of this climate change rhetoric is but careless speculation. Under the guise of science, these arguments detract from a careful accounting of the real science involved.

One of the related concerns of climate...

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