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Letter: Sea level rise a simple fact

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Sue Long posted a letter (May 3 Reader’s Write) asking readers to conduct their own experiment that "refutes" the "false premise" of the "theory" that melting glaciers, as a result of man-made global warming, will cause sea levels to rise. By placing ice in a glass and filling it with water, we are to correctly observe that the water level does not rise as the ice melts.

Ms. Long’s analogy works for ice sheets that are floating in the oceans. This is not, however, the model for the "theory" she is trying to disprove. Glaciers are mostly on land. When on-land glaciers melt, they add water to the ocean, causing sea levels to rise. A more correct experiment would be to fill a glass with water and then add more water from a nearby bowl of melted ice to see if the level in the glass rises. Of course it does. This observation is not a "theory" or conspiracy symptomatic of "radical green environm...

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