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Letter: Represent your country, not your party

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Got a new Congress or do we? The proof will be, as it always is, in whether they accomplish or campaign. My gut impression is Congress will send bill after bill to the president, most to be vetoed, giving fuel to the 2016 campaign—basically the same game plan the Republicans have used for six years (and, yes, the Democrats in years past). Only now, they have enough votes to send the bills and Harry Reid can no longer obstruct them.

This is not progress, not what Americans want. And before anyone claims to have a mandate, remember that roughly half of a third of eligible voters picked a winner. It’s not the D’s or the R’s … it’s the process. When control of the political process is in the hands of political extremists, both left and right, the middle—where most Americans live—is not represented. Most want safe borders, a strong defense and economy. We want good education for our kids. We care about the health an...

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