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Letter: Really a force for good?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In response to last week’s letter (“NAACP a force for good,” Sept. 29 Readers Write), this organization was originally formed to combat the Jim Crow laws and the lynchings. In the early days, they fought for the poor, people who could not fight back, and for the general populous. They were doing the right thing, fighting evil.

They started working with law firms to represent them pro bono, and they got a lot of new laws passed. By the 1940s, the Dixiecrats were now in power, and they were worse than the Democrats. The ’50s were still rolling along and the only people who stood in their way were the Dixiecrats. In 1964, it came to an end when the Republicans passed the Civil Rights Bill, was good law that finally passed.

Then they became like the unions, they became corrupt and involved in dirty politics. They started doing what was done to them years ago.

It was now they were ahead of other people, time for paybacks, giving money to the Democratic ...

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