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Letter: Real men don’t talk like that

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

My mother died 20 years ago. There was never a time or a day or an hour that I wouldn’t have loved to see her again, talked with her again, hugged her again.

But I find that I am grateful that she is not here to see what kind of a presidential race we have going on in our beloved country. She would be repulsed, heartbroken and angry. I know, because I am my mother’s son.

I have three sisters that I love dearly. I have four nieces that I adore and three great-nieces that I treasure. This vulgar language and behavior that some men feel they are entitled to force on women offends me to the core of decency.

I never heard that kind of talk in any locker room when I was in school or any other gym or YMCA locker room. In the Army, I never heard that kind of language from my fellow soldiers. Real men don’t need to talk like that. Real men respect and appreciate women and I know these good men are offended by arrogant behavior and insulting languag...

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