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Letter: Questions Mathews board’s actions

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

After reading the Gazette-Journal this week and watching the Mathews Board of Supervisors’ meeting online, I must voice my sadness for what I see happening in our community.

Over the last few years, I have watched and listened as residents attack local businesses and people they refer to as “Come Heres.” Despite the addition of the “Come Heres,” Mathews has a declining population.

Alexander Marre, who worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, recently wrote that “retaining and attracting new residents is vital to the economic success of rural communities. Population loss translates into fewer customers and workers for local businesses and a diminishing tax base for public services.”

Maybe we should use our energy to help young adults find local jobs and welcome those new taxpayers joining our community. We should shop and eat at our locally owned businesses if we want to keep chain restaurants and big box stores from coming. Stop blaming othe...

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