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Letter: Questions Coleman Bridge figures

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Where did Mr. Bazzani acquire the figures for Gloucester resident spending on crossing the Coleman Bridge (“Supervisor works to reduce, eliminate tolls,” page 1A, Sept. 29 Gazette-Journal)? He claims “the average Gloucester resident spends approximately $700-$800 a year on tolls, where a family of four spends upwards of $1,500 a year on tolls.” Our working family of three spent less than $300 last year, and less than $200 so far this year.

$800/0.85 = 941 trips across the Coleman Bridge ONE WAY.  That is more than two trips (2.57) per person per day for 365 days. $1,500/0.85 = 1,764 trips per year for a family of four. If there are four drivers in this family I can almost see this happening, at 441 trips per person over 365 days. However, if it’s two drivers, and two non-drivers, the trip ratio doubles to 881 trips across the Coleman Bridge in 365 days. I don’t know anyone who has the time to travel from home across th...

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