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Letter: Questions board’s decision on YMCA

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I have no power! All I can do is write letters. Generally, they have no effect on happenings, and most of the time they have no therapeutic value at all. But that’s all I can do because, like most of us, I do not belong to the cabal or the clique of movers and shakers in the metropolis of Mathews.

“ … providing for the common defense and promoting the general welfare,” is one of the arguments presented in the recent county flimflam.  “ … we’ll lose the chance” is another posit. “Health, safety and welfare” yet another catchphrase used in this perfect storm of posturing that will descend as new taxes upon the citizens of this county.

The YMCA was successful in pulling off this trifecta: $100,000 donated to rescue, not to rescue the people of the county, but to rescue a poorly-executed fundraising effort by the management of the commercial YMCA venture. Add to that, a reasonably good idea of th...

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