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Letter: Pushback against assertions

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The assertions made by a reader recently (“Name calling,” Oct. 18 Readers Write) are so off-the-track that to allow them to go unchallenged would be a dereliction of duty.  The writer takes issue with some Democrats being called a “mob” when they are exercising their First Amendment rights to demonstrate when they disagree with the “all-Republican government.” I must point out to the writer that the First Amendment protects the right to “peaceably assemble.” When the assembly riots, loots, and burns it is by definition a “mob” (read here Antifa, e.g., darlings of the Democrats). To call it otherwise is to deny reality.

The writer then goes on to mention the Tea Party protests, complaining that “they can march and complain without being called out.” The difference between Antifa and the Tea Party is so obvious that to attempt to equate the two is laughable! No Tea Party demonstration ...

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