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Letter: Purpose of letters merely to muddy the waters

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Two letters from gentlemen of the "Virginia Scientists and Engineers for Energy and Environment (SEEE)" (Dec. 1 letters), merit consideration. They are very good examples of some of the oil hawk strategies used in their war against the inevitable changes in climate policy that we’ve brought upon ourselves.

SEEE is a grassroots organization whose mission is to muddy public perception in the face of overwhelming scientific consensus in order to further their agenda and delay climate legislation. Oil and tobacco lobbyists have successfully used the same techniques in Washington.

First, look at the credentials. Neither of the gentlemen is a scientist or engineer. One of them is a medical doctor and the other is an energy economist. I would have been more impressed had they been climate scientists. Others in their organization include a former senior environmental advisor for ExxonMobil, whose leaked 1998 memo laid out plans for a climate dis...

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