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Letter: Protesting the pump station

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Somebody help me with this; I just can’t get my mind around it. There’s going to be a sewage pumping station on prime real estate in downtown Mathews. Think about it. We can boast the hum and thump of machinery. Moving liquids must be vented. There will be stink and noise. What limited market will be available for adjacent properties? No restaurant or people-serving business will want it. There should be a contest for ideas: pig farm, mortuary supplies, abattoir …

I just bought the Haiku (Hyco) House, spent good money to save the front. Have an Airbnb, trying to recover some of that money. How should I advertise? “Come rock with me on the porch. We can view the poo pump, make book on how much poo passes a point in a given moment.” Surely a meter somewhere.

The supervisors and executive who held office when that was decided should be required to hold a perpetual vigil at the pump, reminiscent of the Unknown Soldier, except they ...

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