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Letter: Proposed bill would take away man’s life work

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

A man spends his life working hard to achieve success, no silver spoons, at the expense of no one else, and making no enemies. He spends months in due diligence searching for the right community offering appropriate protections and services. The man finds the perfect place in the perfect community for his family and invests his life’s achievements into the waterfront dream home envisioned since childhood. He continues to invest in improving his dream, keeps to himself, and plays by the rules imposed by Wetlands boards and Chesapeake Bay boards and county boards, all the while realizing that they protect the greater good. Everything was going too well for the man so God decides to throw the man a curveball by having the devil himself move in next door.

The man is me, Tim McCulloch. With the stroke of a pen, Tommy Norment’s bill SB 1190 takes my life’s work and throws it away by allowing a constituent and my next-door neighbor to rezone re...

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