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Letter: Promoting the general welfare

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Ignorance might once have been bliss, but the digital world today turns it into a contagion.

In normal times, the formation of The Mathews Committee for the Common Good by well-respected Mathews citizens to support “candidates who possess integrity, character, honesty, and live their lives in such a manner” would have been applauded as “civic-mindedness.”

It instead stimulated one of your readers to suggest that their fellow citizens were effectively “globalists” and “communists,” calling the term “the Common Good” the “wand” used by Marxism worldwide.

Another party posted a large sign in a prominent spot with an edited quote from the U.S. Constitution, initially followed by the symbol of a hammer and sickle, to perhaps suggest that his fellow Mathews citizens were a bunch of “communist sympathizers.” The sign reads:

“We the People…Provide for the Common Defence…Not Common Good!”

The ellipses hid the rest of the Preamble, which prominently fe...

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