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Letter: Pot calling kettle black

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

As a center-right conservative, but not a fan of the current POTUS, I could not help but smile as I read the “Rejection of reality does not change reality” letter from Jeri Evans. The old “pot calling the kettle black” came to mind.

If I remember correctly, the same thing happened four years ago when Democrats refused to accept that Donald Trump won the election. Once the rioting and crying in public were over, conservatives were subjected to four years of accusations, conspiracy theories, obfuscation and an actual refusal by many mainstream liberals to accept Mr. Trump as President.

We were expected to believe that the Russians, somehow, entered the voting booths and pulled the levers for Trump. In fact, I still have some Facebook friends who have “Not My President” as their online mantra.

We had to watch as United States Senators allowed unfounded accusations of sexual assault from 30 years ago to be levied against a nominee to the Supreme Court....

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