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Letter: Politics at their worst

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

This administration is the most arrogant, radical, deceitful, inept un-American ever. All government departments have been weaponized to the point of being dismantled and abandoned. Truth-telling has been silenced and mocked by the media, press and social outlets.

Open border policies approved and condoned by our chief of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, is a disaster with dire consequences for years to come. He now blames fringe groups for his failures, and not his own policies.

Millions of votes by illegal migrants are unnecessary because the Democrats/Socialists have turned elections to an art by using party operatives, activists and billionaires buying votes for them. Their real goal is to encourage racism, reverse discrimination and making whites a minority. This has been Barack Obama’s agenda to fundamentally change America. He has finally come out from behind the curtain.

Our current president prides himself on eliminating ex-President...

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