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Letter: Politics 101, explained

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

OK, an election is coming up and who (what party) do you support? Here are the basics:

Historically, Republicans have supported business. There are some problems with this, but for the most part, business generates profits that results in taxes paid to the federal government; employs people whose salaries are taxed by the federal government (and then get taxed again when they spend those salaries on food and other necessities of life); and, in the end, produce products or services that again result in tax revenue to the federal, state and local government. Yes, this sounds like “trickle down” economics (and it’s by no means perfect), but is there another kind that will employ people, produce products and services that are taxable, and result in profits which allow the government to provide services?

On the other hand, historically, Democrats create poor people and then champion them as their only hope for survival. Just some examples:

1.) ...

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