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Letter: Politically incorrect

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Your article on the Capt. Sally Tompkins statue in last week’s paper filled me with anger, disgust and frustration.

Anger because Mathews County residents donated money to create the statue with the promise that it would be part of the tribute to Virginia women. Since the statue isn’t to be a part of the tribute, the Mathews donors deserve either a refund of their money, or possession of the statue. Frankly, the terms of fraud and breach of contract come to my non-legal mind.

Disgust, in that a pioneering healer has been cast from what is her due to cater to a violent minority. To ignore the contribution to medicine that Capt. Sally made, even if it was only proof of the benefits of fresh air and good diet, on the basis that she served wounded in the Confederacy, is rank hypocrisy. Apparently only the politically correct women make contributions.

Frustration, in that once again history is being revised. As an avid historian, if only by avocation, I...

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