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Letter: Please get the shots!

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

A recent report noted that 99.5 percent of recent COVID-19 deaths were of people who had refused to get the vaccine. Due to the Delta variant, those who refuse the shots may be spreading this highly contagious variant to susceptible family members, friends or co-workers. Unfortunately, there are some who can’t have the vaccine due to pre-existing conditions, which puts them in even more danger if they come in contact with a carrier who has refused to have the life-saving shots. Anti-vaxxers should consider the danger, not only to themselves but to others.

It doesn’t help that conservative entertainment channels welcome elected officials and others on their shows to convince viewers that

COVID-19 is either just another mild flu or a hoax perpetrated by liberal and Democratic politicians. They continue this myth despite the fact that over 600,000 Americans are dead due to this virus.

Studies point out that red states have fewer people getting the vac...

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