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Letter: People are not expendable resources’

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Oops! Say it ain’t so. People have written for decades about unscrupulous CEOs picking huge profits over people, and what has been the conservative mantra? Class warfare, jealousy, socialist, and even un-American come to mind. But not anymore. Mr. Gingrich, in an effort to slam Mr. Romney, has committed conservative heresy. By accusing his opponent of sucking the life out of companies, taking huge bonuses, and leaving the workers to fend for themselves, he admitted the left may have a point.

Most business owners and venture capitalists supply the spark that ignites our economic engine. In a free enterprise environment, what is legal may not be ethical or even moral. We are free to start or buy any legal business we wish. Contracts either negotiated or implied exist between the owners and the employees, such as "I expect in return for your compensation a certain performance and expectations." You put the words in; they’re right there ...

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