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Letter: Painful and difficult decisions

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Pam Manz’s letter in the May 17 issue ("The death of 40 million innocents") raises significant and difficult questions about abortions.

As an individual on Medicare, abortion is not "front and center" as an issue in my personal life. But less than a year ago, I had to face a life-or-death choice at the opposite end of the human experience. I had to confront whether to keep my wife of almost 28 years attached to a ventilator, when I knew that to disconnect it would result in her certain death. It was without a doubt one of the darkest passages of my life. I see parallels with any woman considering abortion.

Though it was a wrenching decision, as an act of love and kindness I ultimately decided not to keep my wife on the ventilator.

I continue to feel the weight of that choice, as I am sure that many pregnant women who have chosen abortion also do. I have come to accept the deep and profound emotions that surround making such a...

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