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Letter: Owners of second homes good for Mathews

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I read with interest Janet Bowman’s letter in the Feb. 17 edition. In her letter, she states that owners of second homes in Mathews do not pay taxes here. If she is referring to real estate taxes, she is wrong. All real estate in Mathews is taxed, regardless of whether it is your only, your second, your tenth, however many homes. Exceptions to paying property taxes extend to property owned by the county, and non-profit organizations such as the volunteer fire department and rescue squad. In addition, many senior citizens who meet certain income and asset tests may receive up to a $1,000 credit to their property tax.

One might take a different point of view than Mrs. Bowman and conclude that the owners of second homes in Mathews are good for the county. These people are light consumers of county services, do not have children in the schools, pay taxes, and employ local people for such things as house maintenance.

Robert H. Warren

Redart, Va.

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