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Letter: Our republic is being dismantled before our eyes

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Do you ever wonder what has happened to this country? Really happened? Who is responsible for this nightmare taking place in Washington, D.C.? Is there any way to fix it? Does it even need fixing?

Since the November elections and the change in the balance of power in the House of Representatives, I’ve heard commentators on TV and radio try to explain the message sent by voters to Washington.

Some say it is to fix the economy. That’s part of the message. We have the obligation to pay our debts and spend only what we have to spend. Spending what does not belong to us is, at best, akin to thievery. As a nation, we are indeed stealing from our children and grandchildren.

Some say the message is to repeal the health care act. That too is part of the message. There are shocking provisions hidden in the sweeping law. Did you know that under this law, the government will set all doctors’ fees and will impose a prohibition on hospital expansi...

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