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Letter: Our dwindling liberties

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Thomas Jefferson gave us Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness in the Declaration of Independence. But in America 2011, this was robbed from you by the EPA, an appointed bureaucratic body. The bottom line is complete control over your life. This country is blessed with enough oil in Montana alone to supply our needs for 200 years, more coal than we will ever need, as well as natural gas and atomic energy, which they have squashed.

With the new health bill, if you are 70 years old and go to the emergency room of a hospital, you become a "unit with a number" and a board meets to decide if you will be treated. Hitler had the same system. This is control over you, not decided by the doctor. Face it, America … This is control over your life, whether you live or not.

They closed an incandescent light bulb factory in Virginia last year and put hundreds of people out of work. The reason? They give off heat. This is baloney, when compared w...

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