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Letter: Our ‘American’ behavior?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The disgusting antics of the ignorant and hateful people in Virginia, and in other parts of America, stem from the way they were raised. When a person is brought up listening to those around them repeating words and actions that demean people who are different in some way, then he or she will probably do the same, as we are seeing today.

Our nation was designed to bring equality to each of us and yet, over the last decade, some citizens behave more like Nazis. We have the right to freedom of speech, to live where we choose, to worship, but that idea of worship appears to have been tossed away and worse, it is often mocked.

The police can’t cure the problems, no matter how many people are arrested. The only cure will come from all of us—standing up for what we know is right and refusing to allow those who hurt and bully others to get away with it. If we see wrong being done, call the police, don’t pretend you didn’t know anything was g...

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