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Letter: One world government or Donald Trump?

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

While on vacation, I began to think about the various conversations I have had over the current differences between our two major political parties and where each wants to take America. The current rendition of the Democratic Party pats itself on the back for two main reasons: its great loving care for illegal immigrants and its support for killing over a million unborn American children each year. Sort of contradictory, wouldn’t you say? But when one looks at the “core” of the old line Republican Party who continue to work against President Trump, I find such “screwballs” as George Will or Glenn Beck “dedicated conservatives,” who either voted for Hillary or did not vote at all. Perhaps Mr. Will’s confusion is generated by the fact that no one cares what he thinks any more. The same goes for Mr. Beck, the “One-Worlder.”

Today’s Democratic Party is dedicated to bringing about “One-World G...

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