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Letter: One outrageous scandal after another

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I’ve been thinking. Yes, I’ve been thinking again. Here we are in a crucial time in this great nation, which was built upon the principle of individual freedom and liberty. We see this freedom challenged and the vast majority of us are uninformed and unaware of where we came from or where we are going.

Remember the old saying that those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it? Are we there … at the doomed part, I mean? I hope not, but if we are to survive as a free society, we have a great deal of work to do.

The first step is to educate ourselves. Get a copy of the Constitution and read it. Look up a few words, if need be, but read it and study the history surrounding it. Does the system of governance in this document resemble the government we live under today? Do you see any provision for the national government to micromanage every little jot and tittle of our health care? Is there any place in that document a clause sugge...

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