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Letter: Obscenity is alive and well

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Obscenity is alive and well in Gloucester. You didn’t used to see foul language used in public. Now it’s brazenly displayed everywhere. Donald Trump helped bring normal people down to his low level of behavior.

While waiting in my car at a stoplight recently, I noticed the van ahead of me displayed four signs, apparently designed to be cute, about the owner’s driving. Each sign had the word “s***” in it.

Next to the van, another car had a sign in the back window with an abbreviation for a profanity aimed at the president. Oddly, on the metal below this sign was another sign declaring the owner either U.S. Navy personnel or a retiree. Did this person forget that President Joe Biden is now the Commander in Chief of America’s military and shouldn’t he be afforded greater respect?

Do these folks think disrespectful signs, or in one case a light show on a boat, are funny? Do they not see they have been convinced it’s okay to use vulgarities to make thei...

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