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Letter: Obama’s legacy

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

When President Obama was first elected, he made it clear that he intended to change the direction of America. He has tried to do this, including the laws that we were given from the beginning by the Founders. When he couldn’t, he established his own rules in his effort to bring about those changes.

The result is he has managed to produce greater problems, including trying to weaken the moral values that made us strong and his demeaning efforts to ignore Congress by trying to ignore the laws that provide the balance of control that works. All are now a part of his legacy.

He will never accept the idea that he was not a good president or leader. But we will have to remember, and educate those who will vote in the future, warning them that when the word “change” is used, make sure the word and the goal are both clearly defined. We aren’t a perfect nation, but we are better than most and “We the People” carry the responsibilit...

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