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Letter: Obama’s first term a prelude of things to come

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

President Obama’s arrogance and self-adulation is alive and well. Perhaps one shovel-ready job would be to make room for his place on Mount Rushmore.

Mitt Romney, reminiscent of the Reagan era of optimism and job creating instead of government handouts, was defeated by the agenda-seeking segments of the population demanding that "pie in the sky." Obama has delivered; however, that does not make him the right man for these perilous times. His rhetoric never matches his actions, and the lapdogs, the liberal media, still continue to give him cover for his missteps, blunders and cover-ups.

We can now expect with certainty higher taxes, fewer personal freedoms, higher utility bills, more bailouts, stimulus packages, less medical coverage, gridlock, blame games, more unions, and definitely a lower standard of living. Wow, all this from the "Yes We Can" president.

The dress rehearsal from his previous administration is a prelude of things to come. The ...

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