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Letter: Not the party of JFK

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I’m a very opinionated person. That said, I believe there is a sickness in this county that is a lot more dangerous than COVID-19. It’s called “Democrats.” They seem to condone, tolerate and encourage rioting, looting, burning, and aborting babies.

This is not the Democratic Party I grew up around. What has happened to us? Do we not have a conscience anymore? Where have all the decent people gone? Can’t we see what’s right in front of our eyes? I know that some of us must believe there is a superior being whom we have to answer to at a later date and at that time there will be a reckoning. It’s been said and documented by one leading liberal Democrat. “This is a summer of love.” How many of you folks believe that?

S. Harlan BrooksMoon, Va.

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