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Letter: Not the Democrats of old

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

As the November election nears, we hear more and more about the views and values of our political parties and what they believe. That is very important to the voters as we look at how each plans to govern and the changes they want for this country.

What we see from the Democratic Party are drastic changes to how they formerly viewed the needs of this country and the changes they are currently advocating. What they are now advocating is being called Leftist by the media, their members of Congress, and candidates for elective office. I find this terribly misleading to the general public.

What they are currently advocating are predominantly socialist values and some which might be called communist. There is nothing wrong with holding those views, but I consider it wrong to run as traditional Democrats instead of what they truly are. Those who are closely tied to the Democratic Party may understand the drastic changes they want to make and are campaigning...

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