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Letter: Not in this country

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

An event occurred in the Mathews County welcome center during the Tour de Chesapeake event that was so out of the ordinary as to defy the history and culture of Mathews County.

A grandmother, accompanied by her granddaughter, a gentle and precious child, was rudely accosted while passing out issues of a local newsletter, an epistle of enlightenment known as The Clarion. Seemingly from a darkened corner of the room, a hand appeared, snatching the remaining copies from the hand of the grandmother. The Janizary-like perpetrator then headed for the back room, supposedly to destroy the pilfered printed matter.

The rude and arbitrary man lacked the essential sense of discretion and decorum that has been long associated with the genteel inhabitants of the County of Mathews. That the perpetrator in this instance is a former official of our local governing body adds insult to injury. His culpatory actions were in contradiction to both our law and culture. What c...

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