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Letter: Not a laughing matter

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The midterm elections are over, but insults, intimidation and animus for a certain group of voters continues. With help from various leftist organizations, the progressives/socialists are now openly attacking anyone who stands in their way.

An example of this is when my daughter who lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, followed the voting protocol, including filling out a party affiliation card at the polling precinct. In front of a long line of voters, someone behind the voting forms table yelled out, “Oh, you’re one of the laughables.”

The “laughable” voter has a degree in mathematics from William and Mary, a master’s degree in mechanical/aerospace engineering from Old Dominion University, and a law degree from Campbell University in North Carolina. Her neighbor happened to be helping at the voting booths and after hearing what transpired took it from there.

Qualified voters should be allowed to vote their conscience and n...

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