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Letter: No matter what you say

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

There are several people that go to the Mathews Board of Supervisors’ meetings and do nothing but complain what people say. No matter what you say, they will find something wrong with it, to include the supervisors themselves.

These people go and when they talk, they complain about everything, but never tell you how to fix it or give a suggestion. I was taught if you’re going to complain, have a solution to the problem, which I did on Tuesday, March 28.

It was about the HITW, that they should collect all the money that is owed to the county and collect another $50,000 for tearing the building down, and then I said they should be taken out and shot. That was nothing more than an old saying that goes back before my time. They just wait to pounce on things like this because this is their M.O.

I talked about the dog ordinance, that they need to enforce the laws that are already on the books. I said if there is a wild dog threatening my family, domestic...

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