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Letter: National security and double government

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Professor Michael Glennon of Tufts University has recently authored a remarkable expose of why things never seem to change from one presidential election to another. At first glance, this might appear to be just another conspiracy theory potboiler. However, upon closer examination, the conspiracy theory perception is completely dispelled. This is a thoroughly written and documented work that includes over 800 footnotes. “National Security and Double Government” is anything but a conspiracy theory.

Professor Glennon challenges the perception that national security policy is set by the president, Congress and the courts. Instead, he asserts that there is a structure of double government in which the president exercises little substantial control of U.S. policy. This timely book explains why U.S. foreign policy remains consistent over time from one administration to another.

Many might recall the preponderance of harsh criticisms over the surveillan...

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