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Letter: Morrow for supervisor

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

G.C. Morrow worked with Carol Bova on “Drowning a County,” her detailed, non-fiction book exposing the cause and condition of Mathews County’s deplorable ditches. It’s not light reading, but every landowner in the county would be wise to read it.

As a supervisor, G.C. used this data to work with top officials at VDOT and state agencies to begin the effort to turn obstacles around. We’ve begun to see progress, like the opening of the Beaverlett Canal, but we still have a long way to go.

G.C. did not sit back and wait for someone else to figure out how to fix the problem. He got out there, taking time from his business and personal life, to get the canal open after so many years of neglect.

The so-called “secret meeting” three board members used as a reason to try to remove him as chairman of the board was an inspection, long before any investigation, that all the board members were invited to attend. They chose not t...

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