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Letter: Morals and their source

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

Political correctness has placed the word morals in a category that is off limits, as if it is a swear word. This behavior indicates that fear is one of the factors involved in pushing the idea of morals out of society—the fear that some will take a close look at themselves and those around them and find a common thread, the anxious and troubling feeling that nothing is ever enough.

The only source of information regarding morals that never changes is the Bible, but if one’s beliefs come only from the world and its values, you realize that tomorrow they could all change and then what do you believe?

Education, the ability to learn and reason, is necessary for everyone, because without these gifts, our ignorance will be used by those who desire control, to manipulate and direct how and what we believe, taking away the liberty given to us first by God and then through the laws that make up our Constitution. If you raised your children based on what...

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