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Letter: March towards a police state must be stopped

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

The rapid march towards a complete police state is quite evident today in the United States.

Agencies of our government are or have implemented draconian rules and laws that are without doubt, to any serious American, direct infringements on our Bill of Rights and our Constitution.

The Senate Judiciary Committee this week postponed temporarily the discussion to renew the anti-Constitution, pro-police state Patriot Act. This act has allowed agencies of the government in Washington to circumvent the Constitution and act against Americans illegally. To name a few: the IRS, FCC, and Homeland Security. A Nazi organization right out of Germany in the 1930s or ’40s and others.

This march towards a police state must be stopped. It must be stopped by both the law-abiding, Constitution-loving Americans with help from a free press or all of our rights and freedoms will be just a memory for the generations to come.

Benjamin Franklin stated, and it has bee...

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