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Letter: Man-made climate change ‘greatest hoax’ of all time

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I must respond to Steven Christo’s letter in your Dec. 8 opinion section headlined as "Purpose of letters merely to muddy the waters." He refers to two letters by members of the Virginia Scientists and Engineers for Energy and Environment, decrying anthropogenic (man-caused) climate change.

He first disparages the writers’ credentials, stating neither gentleman is a scientist nor an engineer, yet Mr. Christo’s apparent credentials are "MFA, Grand Mufti," as he signed his letter. What??

He cites "the inevitable changes in climate policy that we’ve brought upon ourselves" and an "overwhelming scientific consensus" in his apparent support for climate change legislation. Well, Mr. Christo, scientific consensus is not science. A whole room full of scientists can be in complete agreement about a phenomenon and still be dead wrong.

The earth’s overall temperature is driven solely by solar ...

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