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Letter: Main Street flags tattered

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

To follow up on Mr. Bohn’s letter of Sept. 19 (“Mystery of the disappearing flags”), I believe his surmise is correct that the Confederate flags were removed out of political correctness, the off-chance that their presence might insult someone. If the person or persons unknown are so concerned about insulting a group of citizens, then they would better utilize their time in correcting the gross insult to every serviceman and veteran that was or is present on Main Street in Mathews.

I refer to the tattered and torn National ensigns on the power poles along Main Street. They are faded, torn and frayed. Not even mentioning that the flags are not illuminated at night, their condition is appalling. If those persons care so much about the feelings of others, let them retire the worn flags and replace them with new ones. If, however, they do not care about the insult being made to every one of us who wore a uniform in defense of this land, but mere...

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