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Letter: Losing the message

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

I did not attend the Women’s March in D.C. As a conservative/libertarian male I would not have been welcomed. What I know about it, I got from television news, newspapers, magazines and social media.

However, after reading the comments in these pages, I’ll exercise my First Amendment right and provide my comments, especially after reading the castigation of a regular contributor to these pages by some who did attend. In the days leading up to the march, as reported in “The Week” magazine, organizers told white women to, “check their privilege,” so that women of color and lesbians could lead the march. Another organizer was quoted as saying that now is “not a good time to be white,” since 53 percent of white women voted for President Trump. So much for inclusion.

I fully support the right to protest, even when I disagree with the views expressed. However, when I see photos of women, and very young children, carr...

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