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Letter: Listen to His voice

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

As all believers, I need to provide the alone time that’s necessary in order to know what God wants for me each day. When it’s quiet and no one else is around, the noise and confusion of the world we live in is silenced for a while, making it possible to be close and personal with Him. Amazing, how God will do this for all who want Him in their life, as He has a message every day for everyone.

There have been too many times when I didn’t pay attention, too involved with family issues, personal concerns, money, pleasure, all the things that make us deaf to what He is trying to give us—a chance to share His word and gifts with others who need Him.

If we are afraid, He will give us the courage needed and the right words to reach whoever needs His help. It isn’t the messenger that has the power to help, it’s the message of Jesus Christ and the gift of hope and peace He has given us. The wealthiest person on earth can’t p...

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