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Letter: Letters demonstrate opposing opinions

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

You performed an outstanding service in the “Readers Write” section of the Nov. 26 issue when you published two letters which very succinctly demonstrated the differences in the opinions of Americans regarding the issue of allowing Syrian refugees (and, by extension, other refugees) into our nation and local communities.

In the first letter, by Mary Williams Montague, we were treated to an ad hominem attack on the Gloucester Board of Supervisors for voting in favor of a resolution, the specifics of which she did not explain, except to say that it would “make it tougher for Syrian refugees to locate here.” She then states that “the refugees from Syria are fleeing the same kind of terrorism we seek to avoid on our own shores.” Could it be that our supervisors are simply being proactive, as they “seek to avoid terrorism … on our own shores?”

She writes on that the “terrible attacks in Paris were commi...

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