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Letter: Let’s wait for the truth to come out

Editor, Gazette-Journal:

In the last paragraph of a letter to the Gazette-Journal about the shooting in Ferguson, Mo. (“What would you have done?” Aug. 28 Readers Write), it states in part that “It is a sad day in America when we are too quick to judge without even a morsel of truth.”

It certainly is, and yet the only morsel of truth mentioned supports an account attributed to the perpetrator of this killing, leaving off any opposing information. There has been, in fact, no statement from Officer Wilson released by authorities in Ferguson. What has been issued are statements from friends purporting to know what Wilson has said and supporting him.

The reports are so contradictory there is no way to know the actual truth. Even autopsies have differing findings, according to various reports. Some say all six shots into Michael Brown came from the front. Another says he was shot in the back of the head. Some reports say Officer Wilson’s eye socket was crush...

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